How To Stay Hard During Sex – 5 Natural Tips Every Guy Should Know

One major problem guys face during sex is staying hard. This is very common and it seems as if the only solution out there are drugs.

The fact is there are natural tips to stay hard during sex that work just as good and often times much better than drugs. You definitely should employ these stay hard tips first before going the drug route.

Check these out:

  1. Limit, avoid, or adjust alcohol. If this is a factor during sex (meaning if you usually drink before or during sex) then you definitely want to adjust your use to find out if this could be the problem. Now notice I didn’t say what so many “experts” will tell you, that is to STOP your alcohol use altogether. 99% of you guys won’t listen, let alone adhere to that advice. And you actually don’t have to because it is possible to simply adjust your amount or the type of alcohol you are drinking and this can turn things around. If you are doing straight shots for example, try switching to mixed drinks. The fact is heavy alcohol can effect your ability to stay hard, so cutting back or adjusting some can make a huge difference. Experiment and see if there is a more healthier level that will help in the bedroom.
  2. Herbs. Yes, there are herbs out there that do work for staying hard. Some actually work too well so be careful and test out the dosage amount before hand. Most male pill products will contain a variety of herbs. Keep an eye out for the ones that contain yohimbine bark as this is a good one for the purposes of maintaining hard erections.
  3. Don’t think about sports during sex. Why would any guy do this? Because they want to last longer during sex and they heard that if you think about sports you will delay your ejaculation. Now, the truth is, this actually does work for preventing premature ejaculation to some degree. But the problem is the obvious. If you are having sex and you are thinking about tight ends and linebackers, then guess what genius? You are going to lose your erection! A much better way to tackle premature ejaculation issues is by doing kegel training. These are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation control.
  4. Try jelqing. This is a natural exercise which is normally designed for enlargement purposes, but many guys have found that it works great for maintaining hard erections. What you do is massage your penis from the base to just before the head while you are in a semi-erect state. Maintaining a semi-erection while stroking is said to enhance your overall full erection while having sex. You are basically training your penis to remain semi-hard for a certain duration. This can be much easier to do than trying to maintain a full erection. Going the semi-erect route removes the mental and physical pressure to stay completely hard, yet allows you to still maintain an erection for a lengthy period of time. And you might gain some size too if you stick with it.
  5. Cut down on stress. This is a huge reason for guys going soft and really needs to be emphasized. Think of it this way, whatever you can do to cut down on stress can make you harder for longer. So often the stress of everyday life effects bedroom performance. Or it can be the anxiety over bedroom performance which causes the stress. Whatever it is, get a hold on it and find ways to cut your stress down to size. The top methods for stress reduction are meditation, exercising, and reading self help books. Whatever it takes. Once you handle stress better, you will witness a significant change in the bedroom. You’ll be able to maintain a harder erection and you will actually be able to last longer during sex.