How To Stay Hard During Sex – 5 Natural Tips Every Guy Should Know

One major problem guys face during sex is staying hard. This is very common and it seems as if the only solution out there are drugs.

The fact is there are natural tips to stay hard during sex that work just as good and often times much better than drugs. You definitely should employ these stay hard tips first before going the drug route.

Check these out:

  1. Limit, avoid, or adjust alcohol. If this is a factor during sex (meaning if you usually drink before or during sex) then you definitely want to adjust your use to find out if this could be the problem. Now notice I didn’t say what so many “experts” will tell you, that is to STOP your alcohol use altogether. 99% of you guys won’t listen, let alone adhere to that advice. And you actually don’t have to because it is possible to simply adjust your amount or the type of alcohol you are drinking and this can turn things around. If you are doing straight shots for example, try switching to mixed drinks. The fact is heavy alcohol can effect your ability to stay hard, so cutting back or adjusting some can make a huge difference. Experiment and see if there is a more healthier level that will help in the bedroom.
  2. Herbs. Yes, there are herbs out there that do work for staying hard. Some actually work too well so be careful and test out the dosage amount before hand. Most male pill products will contain a variety of herbs. Keep an eye out for the ones that contain yohimbine bark as this is a good one for the purposes of maintaining hard erections.
  3. Don’t think about sports during sex. Why would any guy do this? Because they want to last longer during sex and they heard that if you think about sports you will delay your ejaculation. Now, the truth is, this actually does work for preventing premature ejaculation to some degree. But the problem is the obvious. If you are having sex and you are thinking about tight ends and linebackers, then guess what genius? You are going to lose your erection! A much better way to tackle premature ejaculation issues is by doing kegel training. These are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation control.
  4. Try jelqing. This is a natural exercise which is normally designed for enlargement purposes, but many guys have found that it works great for maintaining hard erections. What you do is massage your penis from the base to just before the head while you are in a semi-erect state. Maintaining a semi-erection while stroking is said to enhance your overall full erection while having sex. You are basically training your penis to remain semi-hard for a certain duration. This can be much easier to do than trying to maintain a full erection. Going the semi-erect route removes the mental and physical pressure to stay completely hard, yet allows you to still maintain an erection for a lengthy period of time. And you might gain some size too if you stick with it.
  5. Cut down on stress. This is a huge reason for guys going soft and really needs to be emphasized. Think of it this way, whatever you can do to cut down on stress can make you harder for longer. So often the stress of everyday life effects bedroom performance. Or it can be the anxiety over bedroom performance which causes the stress. Whatever it is, get a hold on it and find ways to cut your stress down to size. The top methods for stress reduction are meditation, exercising, and reading self help books. Whatever it takes. Once you handle stress better, you will witness a significant change in the bedroom. You’ll be able to maintain a harder erection and you will actually be able to last longer during sex.

Sex Facts: Research Into Men’s and Women’s Experiences

Many people like to think they know everything about sex – including how their partners experience it. But there’s usually something extra to learn, and, rather than being a punch to the ego, that’s actually a good thing. Becoming aware of research into sex trends can equip a man with the knowledge he needs to improve his sexual experiences – both for himself and possibly his lover. In addition to maintaining penis health, educating oneself about the latest sex facts is an important component of sexual wellbeing.


About 85% of men in one survey said their partners achieved orgasm during their last sexual encounter; only 64% of women reported reaching climax. This discrepancy may be attributed to men’s reluctance to admit their partners didn’t orgasm, but some of it is likely honest confusion – many men mistake a partner’s pleasurable moans and movements for an orgasm when that’s not actually what’s happening. Communication is key here.

General Orgasm Discrepancy

In one study, 75% of men reported regularly reaching the big finish in their sex lives; only half of women could say the same.


Researchers found that 30% of women surveyed reported that they find sex to be painful. While some soreness is bound to result from a long or rough session, this high number indicates that something else might be going on.

Oral Discrepancy

Men receive more oral sex than women – and the gap is widest for women in their 30’s. Seventy-eight percent of men in this age group reported receiving oral in the last year, compared to only 59% of women. Get those tongues moving, guys!


What can be gleaned from these studies? When it comes to sex, women tend to give more than they get. Orgasm is typically more difficult for women to reach, and some may be just fine with not getting there every time. But here are a few general tips for men who want to maximize their partners’ pleasure – something any man should have in mind:

– Mix up the activities. It’s easier for many women to climax if sex involves variety. And one important ingredient in this, for some women, is oral. If a man is self-conscious about licking his lady, he can feel free to ask how she likes it, and to check in as he goes. Never be too proud to ask – she’ll likely appreciate the attention to her enjoyment. And, since every woman is different, it in no way reflects poorly on a man’s skill or experience.

– Think she had an orgasm? Ask to be sure. If that gets old, consider asking her to announce when she’s about to finish. This can be a big turn-on for a man, and a woman may get a thrill out of saying the words. And, of course, it lets a man know what’s really going on!

– Make sure she’s not in pain. Using adequate lubrication can help here – even if she tends to be quite wet, having a product on hand in case she starts to dry out is a good idea. Don’t be afraid to check in and make sure she’s comfortable – some people hesitate to say when they are not enjoying something or are feeling pain in the heat of the moment, and opening up the door now and then can help her express herself more easily.

When a woman’s pleasure is as central to sexual activity as a man’s, a couple may find itself engaging in more frequent sex. While that’s a great thing indeed, it can take a toll on the penis – particularly the penis skin. Lubrication will help protect against friction and chafing. So will the daily use of a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Man1 Man Oil contains both Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent natural moisturizers. When it comes to lotion, it’s best to go for something made for the penis, since hand and body creams may be too harsh for the delicate male skin. Take good care of the manhood so it is ready to go for the next romp.

How to Make Yourself a Sex God and Make Women Worship You? Learn These Sex Secrets to Start Now

The most important thing for a guy to know in order to be good at sex is to take control. A woman, unless really wild in nature, expects the guy to run things on the bed. This is because women have a little dilemma in their minds. They cannot express their sexual wants very openly as it is not their nature to be so explicit. They are also usually concerned that the man might mistake their wild desires and think of them as girls with a loose character. But that does not mean that they do not like raunchy, wild or even nasty sex. They love it as much as the guys do.

However, because they cannot express it. the result is that the woman will settle for the sex intensity that you set. While some women like to be caressed and sweet talked to, a majority of them will enjoy it when the man takes real control and pushes the boundaries of sex. Here are some tips that you can follow to overhaul your sex life and make your woman want and crave for sex with you.

  • Do something different – Surprise them with some moves. Lets say for example that you usually have sex in the missionary position. She is probably bored with it. Take control and nudge her into new positions. Do not ask her. Just lead the way by moving her into position. She will initially be a little taken aback by your change in behavior but she is guaranteed to like it. Do something different every time from now on so that she is always thinking about what surprise you are going to pull on her.
  • Take control – Do not every ask your woman if something that you want to do is OK or not. That is a very wimpy thing to do. That does not mean that you go extreme on her but do not ask her if it is OK for you to go down on her for example. Just go ahead and do it. You will be surprised how much she loves you for this and she will expect something like that every time thus giving you also a lot of new pleasures as you try new things. As an another example, if you want her to go down on you, do not ask, just get into your favorite position and direct her with body language. She will love this too.
  • Go down on her – For men who do not do it, a lot of them think this is not cool. Even the women might at first think it is nasty that you want to try it but the fact is that they absolutely love it. The problem with the woman is that she cannot say that she wants you to go down on her without thinking of possibly coming across as a, for lack of a better word, slut. There is absolutely nothing wrong for a woman to ask her man to go down on her but for reasons just mentioned, they will probably not do it. You have to take the initiative and do it. While it may be awkward for a few moments, both of you will soon be enjoying the pleasures it can offer.

Female Orgasms – How To Take Any Sex Technique And Instantly Increase It’s Effectiveness

If you’re a man and you like women you are probably at least somewhat interested in FEMALE ORGASMS.

You probably like to know how to make them happen and you probably like to give your woman at least one, every time you have sex.

If you’re ‘nodding’ in agreement as your read this, carry on reading carefully because I guarantee you’ll like what follows…

Let me ask you a question…

“If I told you there was a way to instantly increase the effectiveness of any SEX TECHNIQUE that you use in the bedroom with your woman, would you believe me?”

If you answered “YES” — you answered correctly.

If you answered “NO”, you’re probably just in a cynical mood, but don’t worry — I’ll forgive you and let you into the SEX SECRET anyway.

Here’s the thing…

You could be stimulating your woman’s clitoris and giving her a clitoral orgasm.

You could be massaging her g-spot to give her a g-spot vaginal orgasm.

You could be stimulating her deep spot to give her a deep spot vaginal orgasm.

You could be in the process of giving her an anal orgasm (Yes, really — those can happen too).


In all of the above scenarios you are getting your woman off using your fingers or during intercourse and that’s cool.

But there’s a PROVEN way to instantly increase the effectiveness of all of those sex techniques and any others you care to add to that list.

Would you like to know how to do it?


Here’s your answer…


Talking dirty is the most powerful and underused sex technique that every man could be using to give his woman more sexual pleasure.

Most men don’t use it because they are wimps.

They’re afraid they’ll mess it up and offend their women or make them laugh.

However, when you understand that for women SEX IS VERY MENTAL — you’ll realize that if you want to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX… talking dirty is not an option.

It’s a requirement.

Seriously, whatever fingering technique you are doing to your woman or if you are having intercourse — the moment you start talking dirty… you’ll instantly increase her SEXUAL PLEASURE and find it easier to ‘get her off’.

Here are 5 tips for successful dirty talk:

– The more turned on your woman is, the dirtier you can talk

– The longer you’ve known her, the dirtier you can talk (provided you have a decent sex-life)

– In the bedroom, it’s okay to use vulgar words (in fact, women really like this)

– You must be believable and talk with authority and confidence

– Speak clearly and a little deeper than usual

So that’s the sex technique to use to instantly increase the effectiveness of everything you do in the bedroom – DIRTY TALK.

It doesn’t matter whether you are giving your woman a clitoral orgasm or a g-spot orgasm — dirty talk will get her there FASTER.