How Premature Ejaculation Is Not Astrological and Other Interesting Facts and Tips

A little while ago, about a month or so before I stumbled upon the premature ejaculation (PE) treatment that ended it for good for me, I was doing some research online on the causes and other general tips on premature ejaculation when I came across something unbelievably interesting.

Although it’s been more than two and half years since then, I can still recall that strange thing I read because it was unlike anything about PE I had ever heard of before, plus it also made me giggle in a not-so-funny way!

This was an article on one of those astrological websites with lurid pink and purple colours and zodiacal figures in the background. In essence, what the writer was saying is that how fast a man ejaculates during sex was a function of what astrological sign he was born under, with those whose fates fell under the Sun Signs being the most prone to fast ejaculation.

If a Libra Male reader, therefore, chose to believe it, that meant he’d always ejaculate too soon because the stars made him that way. Lucky for me, I’m a Water Sign male; it was easier to extinguish the idea from my mind that way.

Now, I’m all for freedom of expression, and even though, judging from the tone of the piece, the writer was actually being serious with his thesis, this was clearly a cock and bull story. And while this idea might sound unbelievable, you’d be surprised how many other crazy ideas about PE are out there!

The truth, on the other hand, is that early ejaculation follows a known and predictable logic. For one thing, ejaculating as early as possible during sex, way before a woman climaxes, is more natural than you’d think because it’s nature’s way of propagating the species; it is the male body’s way of making sure that the seed is planted. This is procreation imperative.

By this logic, early ejaculation during sex is not a problem per se. It starts to become the problem we refer to as PE when it starts to come between you and your being able to sexually satisfy your woman. If your woman requires fifteen minutes of penetrative sex to become satisfied, for instance, and you can only last for three, then you have a problem in your bedroom department.

The great news is that, even though fast ejaculation may be the body’s natural response for effective reproduction, your body and psychology can still be trained and reconditioned to enable you to last as long as you need to be able to satisfy your woman.

They do differ in quality and convenience, of course, but there are several treatment approaches that offer this kind of training and reconditioning. The one I used back then was in the form of an information product that I found online; but whatever treatment option you opt for, here are important tips to keep in mind when you find it and are ready to begin your reconditioning process:

1. The first thing you have to do when solving any problem is to have a positive outlook toward it. Once you’ve made your decision, any form of cynicism and negativity are only going to detract from your efforts- and even make things worse. From the point you begin the treatment, it’s important to stop looking at the treatment process as some kind of burden, but rather an opportunity to train yourself to become a better lover.

2. The second important thing to heed if you truly want to become a master at controlling ejaculation is to first try to understand how it works. I think it’s impractical to expect to learn to control something that you don’t even fully understand. This means that you have to make sure you find a product that explains this part well to begin with.

3. It’s important to have realistic expectations on how long it could take to end the problem. With good products, and depending on individual cases, this could take a week to several weeks. In order to get lasting results, you need to build your mental and physical tolerance for sexual stimulation. You have to get familiar with your body’s responses and develop control over them, and this could take a bit of time.

4. It’s equally as important to have realistic expectations and goals about how long you’ll last in bed. I think the adult entertainment industry and Hollywood have both played a central role in creating a specious notion of how sex should be: something that’s supposed to be perfect every single time, with the man going like a stallion for hours without stopping or ejaculating! The fact, however, is that over 90% of men can’t have hardcore sex for an hour straight without stopping or ejaculating. In adult films, for example, apart from the fact that there is a lot of stopping and resuming that won’t appear in the final edited cut, these male stars get paid to have sex- being able to control and last very long is part of their job description. What I can guarantee you is that these men have put in hours of practice to be able to pull off what they appear to be pulling off so effortlessly, something that you too can condition yourself to do with the right training.

Can Mother Nature be cheated into something which, by definition, is so counterproductive to procreation? You bet she can! – You just need the right cheating approach.

Oral Sex Tricks That Will Make You a Sex God and Make Her Moan

The experienced sex players make good use of oral sex techniques to give complete sexual pleasure to their women. In fact, oral sex plays an important role in the overall lovemaking session. Let me elaborate a bit. To get the best out of your sexual session you need to invest a good amount of time in the bed. Then we need to see the importance of orgasm.

Several blasting orgasms are required for a fulfilling sexual session. As one instance of woman orgasm takes around fifteen minutes so you need to devote at least an hour for three four orgasms. Every man knows that it’s not quite possible to spend an hour in the bed with just penis activities. It will literally fail to pump up at last. So, you must use oral sex techniques to give your lady several blasting orgasms. It will decrease the workload of the main sexual organ. Oral sex, when employed well, can easily replace the penis activities.

In fact, if you are in a hurry and can’t go for the usual sexual activities then just go for the oral sex tactics to give her a blasting sexual experience in no time. Then ask her to do the same with your pencil and balls. The necessity of the conventional sexual organs will be deleted completely.

The tip of our tongue is a very good stimulator. So when we use it to rub or lick the various sexually active areas of the female body it propels out very strong reactions in response to the stimuli. So, the women get easily aroused and get ready for her ejaculation followed by a blasting orgasm. But you need to properly regulate the tongue movements and its speed. Then only you will taste success in oral sex. Moreover use your lips to make intimate association with her vaginal walls. She will break loose with orgasm after orgasm.

The G-spot is a terrific place inside her vagina. If you want to give her golden orgasms of her lifetime then you must target the G-spot regularly. It’s a bit rough in nature and slightly dark in complexion. The spot is situated towards the front side of the vagina in the anterior wall. You can easily locate with your finger. After locating the G-spot go on hitting it with your tongue. Occasionally cover the entire vagina with your mouth and pull out the juices. She will reach her orgasm in an earth shattering manner.

Intercourse Orgasms: Have Better Sex Now With This Guide to Sex Positions and Better Love-Making

Sex Positions and Tips: Guaranteed to Give Her a Better Orgasm Tonight.

Amazing the statistics for intercourse orgasms show that very few women orgasm from intercourse alone (See Masters and Johnson amongst others for more information). Yet, even now, guys are still spending a lot more time on intercourse than they are on foreplay. Luckily help is at hand, there are many techniques that guys can use to make it much more likely that she will have an intercourse orgasm.

Part 1: The Missionary Position= A ‘Boring’ Position?

Despite its (undeserved) bad reputation, the missionary position is in fact one of the sexiest positions that guys can master. The only problem is that for many of us, the missionary position consists of a couple of moments of piston like thrusting followed by orgasm. Slow down there Thumper! In fact the missionary position is very sensual thanks to all the eye-to-eye contact, so take some time and enjoy it. Instead of the piston-like frenzied thrusting, alternately slow it down and speed it up. For a sexy variation practice different motions of your hips from swings angled diagonally to grinding your hips in a circular motion against her clitoris. The key is to keep her guessing and not bored by the monotony. If you can do this, she look forward to sex every time.

Part 2: Exploring the Doggy-Style

While the missionary style sex position has a totally undeserved reputation for being boring, doggy-style sex has an undeserved reputation for being unemotional and cold. In fact the exact opposite is true. This position opens up the back to sensual kisses (Most women have a secret erogenous area along their spine) and makes the back side of her neck more easily accessible. Similarly there should be no reason that you can`t kiss and make intimate eye contact in this position by simply altering the angle of penetration slightly. Most women soon discover that doggy-style can be sexy and sensual: a winning combination for all women.

Better Sex Positions

These basic positions should give you everything you need to start having better sex now. While these are the two most common positions, these techniques can be used to make almost any position more sensual and erotic. That is the best thing about sex, every technique and tip that you learn can be changed and give your partner a massive orgasm. The key thing to remember is to have fun and soon she will have explosive intercourse orgasms.

Weird Sex Facts: 20 Things Nobody Really Needs to Know About the Manhood

Many men and women in this world are self-proclaimed “sex experts.” They believe that just because they know what goes where, it automatically qualifies them as know-it-alls. However, even the man or woman with the most intimate knowledge of sex – who can quote and perform every move from the Kama Sutra — is sure to be surprised by some of these random sex facts. Here are 20 bizarre, interesting and otherwise weird facts about doing the deed that are sure to surprise even the most seasoned sex guru, as well as some need-to-know tips on maintaining penis health.

20 Weird Facts Nobody Really Needs to Know About Sex

– Semen was once used as invisible ink by British spies, but the practice was stopped because it began to smell after it lost its freshness.

– The average length of a male penis is 5 inches long.

– The French word for orgasm is La petite mort, it translates into the little death.

– Sex is a natural antihistamine, so next time those sinuses are clogged, head to the bedroom instead of the medicine cabinet for allergy relief.

– Everyone knows about those little magic blue penis meds, but not everyone knows that seven tablets of it are sold every single second.

– At least 56% of men have had sex while at work.

– If a female ferret doesn’t have sex for one year, she will die. Good thing the same thing doesn’t happen to humans.

– The average man ejaculates about 18 quarts of semen in his lifetime. That amount of baby juice contains half a trillion sperm.

– A healthy man produces enough sperm in two weeks time to get every single fertile woman on the planet pregnant. That’s a lot of male swimmers!

– Though chocolate sauce in the bedroom can be sexy, chocolate flavored edible underwear, apparently, is not. Chocolate is the least popular flavor, while cherry is the most.

– The infamous “G-spot” was found by a Professor named Beverley Whipple; she considered naming the area the “Whipple Tickle.”

– Worldwide, it is estimated that 100 million sex acts are performed each day. That is roughly the same number of Tweets that go out daily, too.

– The smallest erect penis ever recorded was 1 cm long. Poor guy.

– A measly 17% of women tend to orgasm during sex. Seems like the men of the world need to step up the foreplay – or after-play!

– One out of every ten babies born in Europe was conceived in a bed made by IKEA.

– People who have good sex lives tend to live longer than those who aren’t as frequently active between the sheets.

– The German word for contraceptive is Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel. Say that 10 times fast.

– In 26 of 50 U.S. states, impotence is a legal grounds for divorce. Ouch, so a guy has problems in the bedroom and gets dumped!

– During the 17-day long 2012 London Olympics, 150,000 free condoms were distributed to the athletes, which works out to about 15 per athlete. Looks like they were practicing more than one sport!

– Human orgasms only last a matter of seconds, but a pig’s orgasm lasts up to 30 minutes! That is probably one and only reason a man has to be jealous of the life of a pig!

Keeping the penis healthy

While the above facts are largely completely useless, the following information is quite useful. Men wanting to keep the penis in tiptop health need to do more than just “let it be.” That’s right, the penis needs more TLC than most men tend to give it. Rather than adopting a wash-and-go type of attitude, a man needs to add a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to his daily hygiene regimen. Selecting one filled with penis healthy vitamins ensure the penis is getting the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its peak level. Apply after taking a shower and reap the benefits of a penis that will be healthy and functioning well into the future.