Better Sex Tonight – 7 Tips for Sex-Cess

Whether a man is planning a 1st time intimate evening with a new partner, is celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary with a spouse, or is just celebrating the fact that it is a Tuesday night, there are a few things he can do to making the evening a sexy success. Read on to learn 7 easy tips to a memorable sexual encounter – every time – while also maintaining a healthy penis that is primed for sexual activity at the drop of a hat.

7 Tips to Sex-Cess Tonight

1) Go easy on the liquid courage: Though alcohol can make some people feel more amorous and bold – it’s not called liquid courage for nothing – alcohol does inhibit one’s sexual ability greatly. In fact, too much alcohol interferes with a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection (hello, whisky dick). So, even if a couple is celebrating, they should take it easy on the booze or it may become a short night.

2) Slow things down: Though a wham-bam-thank-ya-ma’am quickie can be exciting and a good time, generally, it is less memorable than a sexual encounter that takes its time – after all, how memorable can a 2-minute romp be? While there may be a time and a place for some quick action before bed, men who are planning a special night for their special lady may want to slow things down a bit. Most women need a little extra time to warm-up for sex, so throw a little foreplay in the mix. Bonus: A prolonged love-making session can result in more powerful orgasms for both partners!

3) Change it up: Another round of the same-old-same-old sex can get boring for both partners, making an early night of sleep seem more appealing than an all night romp. Get adventurous and try a new sexual position, add a sex toy into the mix, or take turns acting out each other’s fantasies. Men and women who fear they are not sexually creative can mimic steamy love scenes in a sexy movie for a little extra fun.

4) Take sex out of the bedroom: The master bedroom is by far the most common place for a sexual encounter, so simply breaking that pattern can make sex feel instantly more urgent and even naughty. Postpone dinner with a little kitchen nookie, or shut the TV off and get busy in the living room.

5) Start with a massage: Not only does a sensual massage feel great, it also wakes up the body’s senses and stimulates arousal. Double bonus if one partner wears a blindfold while the other massages them as it heightens the other senses, making for a more pleasurable experience.

6) Pump up the penis: No, lifting weights with the penis is not necessary – or safe for that matter – but practicing Kegel exercises can actually improve a man’s sex life. When a man flexes his PC muscles, (the muscles can be found by interrupting the flow of urine) his pelvic area is strengthened, which not only helps with urinary incontinence, but also makes orgasms more powerful. To practice, flex the muscles for a slow count of 5 then relax them for a slow count of 5. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps each twice a day, and slowly add more reps as the muscles get stronger.

7) Prep the penis: Keeping the penis healthy through the daily use of a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) not only improves the appearance of the penis skin – and who doesn’t want a pretty pecker – but the right combination of ingredients can revitalize the penis, improve circulation and enhance penile sensitivity, which may make for a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Sex Secrets and Lies All Men Keep

As we all know, Men are more sexually active than women, or at least more visibly active. But what do you really know about what men think? As a man myself, I am here to tell you what we really think, what we secretly crave, what are the things we try to hide from women? Here are the 6 Sex Secrets and Lies All Men Keep.

1. We Lie About The Number of Women We Had Slept With

I’m sure most, if not all men do this. Some exaggerate the number of women they tell their girlfriends that they have slept with. This happens when the guy has a bit of a problem in confidence. Since the more women you seem to have slept with, the more experience and confidence you have. The other side of this lie is the “Low baller” lie, Some men tend to lie and low-ball their number simply because of the fact that they do not want to be passed of by a woman as a ‘player’ and one who does not commit.

2. We CRAVE To Be Seduced

We do! And If I have to be the first to admit it to make a difference, then so be it! Survey says that among the things that turn on guys, watching or having the woman make the first move tops our lust list and I could not agree more. Men’s lust dream is to have his woman jump him once in a while. One friend even said to me, “I haven’t found a girlfriend that has initiated sex nearly half as much as I do”. Which is true since most women think that this gesture is not lady-like, but if you do it right and you only do it with your man, you’re gonna make your man a very happy guy.

3. Men Compare.

I have to say, as a man I am a bit ashamed of this one. But reality is men compare their current girlfriend to their ex’s, everything is measured up from the looks, your bedroom abilities, the way you hang around with our friends is compared. But it is not such a bad thing,Do not be intimidated by this, this usually happens at the very early stages of a relationship, around 2 – 3 months in the relationship. I, personally did this myself with a couple of my girlfriends, but now I am happily engaged, You want to know how I knew she was the right one? No body else could compare to the way she is to me. So in a way, comparison is good. At times, at least.

4. We Are Wondering If You Are Having a Good Time

Half the time when we are doing the deed, part of what comes to our minds is the thought of “Is she enjoying this?”. Believe it or not, some men are not so selfish when it comes to sex, some actually care whether you climax or not. Our sexual pleasure comes partly from seeing our partners have a good time during sex. If we think you are faking it, It will distract us and make sex less exciting. A quick tip for the ladies out there, Do not try to ‘act-it-out’, because that never works. Do not try anything that will not come natural to you, just let your body move you and enjoy the moment. Let out a few moans do not be afraid to get lost in the moment and let your man know you are having a good time.

5. We Are Too Shy To Ask You To Try Kinky Stuff

Believe it or not, we are. It is very common for us men to be thinking about something out of the ordinary, specially with our partners. But we are most often too shy to ask for it. Why? Because we do not want to be perceived as perverts! That fear is what’s been keeping most men from asking their girlfriends/wives to try new things and explore each other. I am sure that your guy have two or more kinky things he wants to try with you, like role-playing etc. but we could never ask you, most of all out of respect. We feel like if we ask you, you would be a little horrified of the matter. There is also that fear of rejection, like if you reject one thing we suggested, what then?

The bottom line here is learn to communicate with your man, most often we respect you too much or we are too shy to tell you what we really think. And for the guys out there, don’t be afraid to tell your lady what you think or what you want, just be sure to return the favor and ask her what she wants and listen to her. Communication is a very important aspect in a successful relationship and should never be taken for granted. With that I leave you with the biggest lie men say to their women. Lie number six!

6. “We Will Just Cuddle”

We have all heard or said that line, This is the absolute biggest lie a guy could ever tell his woman! I personally admit it and I know most men who will read this will admit to it too. I mean, go back to your memories, do you ever recall this really happening? I mean, Come on! I personally blame this one on the passion a guy shares with his woman during their alone time, you can never ‘just cuddle’ with all that intense passion between you two! It is a beautiful thing when you look at it that way.

Tiny Facts:

  • 96% of Men Masturbate, more than 65% Do it Daily.
  • 75% of Women touch themselves.
  • Men are more aroused using visual cues while women with touch and emotion.
  • 20% of sexually active women have never had an orgasm.

Can Premature Ejaculation Ruin Your Sex Life? Here’s the Fact and How to Boost Your Sexual Stamina!

So, you are suffering from premature ejaculation and perhaps asking “can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life?” Emphatically yes! There is nothing as worst as a man not being able to sexually satisfy his partner. You are left embarrassed, disappointed and possibly confused. Imagine if you can last 30 minutes or more during sex, it will make your partner enjoy sex more and love you more. You are not going to accomplish your goal of lasting longer in bed without taking consistent action to solve the problem. You have to address this situation as soon as possible in order to boost your staying power in bed. Knowing the course you must take to accomplish that starts with learning the right techniques to prevent the problem of early ejaculation during lovemaking.

Can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life?

The answer to this question is yes and no. the truth is that, ejaculating too early during sex only becomes a problem if it’s resulting to a lot of discomfort for both your woman and you. If you are able to bring your woman to an orgasm in less than 2 minutes, you are perfectly okay. Actually, there are a number of ‘premature ejaculators’ who always bring their woman to orgasm with sufficient foreplay or even oral sex before actually having sex. How long you last during sex doesn’t really count, what matters is if you can satisfy your partner during sex.

However, the fact is that, lasting longer can merely help your sexual relationship.

Certainly, what makes sex more satisfying is if a man can have sex for no less than 10 to 15 minutes without ejaculating (this is the typical time for a woman to get to orgasm during sex). Lasting longer will definitely give your woman a sexual pleasure, which in most cases is impossible if a man ejaculates in less than 2 minutes during sex.

Effective ways to manage premature ejaculation

The problem of premature ejaculation is particularly very common among men. So, you’re not the only one suffering from this problem. A man is said to be suffering from premature ejaculation if he consistently can’t last no more than 2 minutes during sexual intercourse. The fact is this: despite the fact that it’s rare for someone to last for hours during sexual intercourse, early ejaculation can be easily manage without seeking for assistance from any professional.

Can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life? It can if you do not take consistent action to stop this problem. An effective way to permanently prevent this problem is by taking note of your body behavior at each stage during sex. In other words, if you are an early ejaculator, you have to take note of your ‘climax point’ and how to control your arousal. If you are able to take note of your tipping point, you are going to be able to control your arousal and thereby lasting longer during sex.

Oral Sex Techniques – Foreplay Tips and How to Use Your Tongue to Give Her Orgasms All Night

When you first start sleeping with a woman, it can be tough to give her her first orgasm. Knowing oral sex techniques is one of the easiest ways to start her down the orgasmic path. Oral sex has many benefits over other kinds of foreplay because it focuses a lot of stimulation on the clitoris. You also have a lot of control, being able to give her an orgasm by making small changes to your position. It is so good for women that for some they can’t orgasm without it.

Oral sex requires a lot of technique. While you can just go down on her and move your tongue around, having good oral sex technique makes a big difference. In order to give her the best orgasms she has ever had, it becomes important to learn to use your tongue effectively.

Oral Orgasms, How to Use Your Tongue Effectively

Many guys make a mistake, thinking that oral sex only has one type. In fact there are a lot of variations that are possible that create infinite subtle differences that she will appreciate. One of the most important is knowing the difference between using the flat and tip of your tongue.

As a general rule:

* The tip of your tongue is a lot more effective during the foreplay stage. A sexy idea that women love is to use just the very tip and trace the outline of her underwear. This builds up a lot of tension, especially if you leave her underwear on for a long time as a hot tease.

* When you take off her clothes, use the tip of your tongue to flick across her clitoris and occasionally her perineum. This mixture of two erogenous zones will really give her a lot of pleasure.

Oral Sex Tongue Techniques: The Flat of the Tongue and Stroking Her Clitoris

Most women need a lot more stimulation to achieve orgasm. Therefore it is better to use as much of your tongue as possible as she comes to orgasm. Reach your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible and rest it against your chin. As your tongue is fully extended, it can be difficult to make many motions with it, therefore your head becomes a lot more important, move your head up-and-down and side-to-side, mixing these movements with different speeds and tempos to find the one that is best for your partner.

The tongue is one of the most important things to master if you want to consistently give her orgasms. Experiment with these sexy tips today. Once you can use your tongue effectively a world of orgasmic pleasure and amazing sex awaits both of you.